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The Lacasse Family

Meet Ryan & Andrea

We’re the family behind this blog, the camera, and the keyboard. 

We like making breakfast, catching a sunrise, climbing mountains, lifting weights, eating healthy, making tacos, exploring new places, painting things, playing in the rain, planting in the garden, finding new restaurants, spending time together as a family, and sharing what we know with others interested in learning a thing or two.

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Our favorites

Best Breakfast Spots in Southern New Hampshire

If you’re visiting southern New Hampshire, this is our list of our favorite breakfast spots.

live non-toxic

Our favorite non-toxic household products

We try our best to live a non-toxic life while also minimizing waste as much as possible. We strive to eliminate toxins in our home, in our food, and in our bodies by using products that are clean, safe, and free of harmful synthetic chemicals. We put together a list of our favorite non-toxic products and recommendations on products you can swap to start living a healthier non-toxic life.

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Always learning & improving

Andrea's Reading List

See what Andrea is reading and find out what books she recommends for learning about business, marketing, mindset, and creativity.


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Nurse shark in the Bahamas

Family Vacation

The Bahamas

We wanted to go somewhere warm around Christmas that wasn’t too long of a flight for our daughter so we took a trip to the Bahamas! It was our first time visiting Nassau and we had a blast, ate amazing food, had many animal encounters, and did lots and lots of swimming. This was our second time flying with our daughter, who is 18 months old at the time of writing this, and our plane rides went a lot smoother this time around.

Camping with dogs and a baby

Rooftop Tent Camping in New Hampshire's White Mountains

We packed up the Jeep with our camping gear, and the dogs, and headed up to the White Mountains for a weekend getaway. We tested out a new roof top tent, saw some trees changing colors, and hiked together as a family – with a toddler and two dogs.

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Our Agenda:

We have no agenda! The agenda is to have fun as a family, grow, prosper, and share what we know with others looking to learn a thing or two. The primary content we share is as follows…


Live our best life

Our mission is to live our best life and make the most out of this time we have on earth. We want to nourish our bodies with good food, strengthen our bodies and minds with physical exercise, and explore what it means to be a good human and push ourselves and create amazing things.


Have fun

We love having fun at home but we also love a good adventure! We’ll share our latest outings, trips, fun spots, hikes, and all the places we explore together as a family. We’ll keep it real, light hearted, and practical because, well that’s how we are.


Get Personal

We grow when we share what we know with others. You’ll also learn whatever I am learning because I’m going to write about my businesses, marketing, being creative, parenthood, personal development and so much more. If you aren’t already following me on Instagram…go do that! I hang out in stories everyday @itsandealacasse.

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