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About Us

Hey there

I’m Andrea, the creator, photographer, and writer behind the blog here at Living Like Lacasse.

As a passionate advocate for wholesome living, I’m thrilled to share my journey towards a healthier, happier, and fulfilling life with you.

I’m all about embracing a holistic approach to well-being. From coming up with and sharing nutritious recipes that nourish your body to clean product recommendations that support a sustainable lifestyle, I’m here to guide you on your path to a better life by sharing everything I know with you.

Join me as we explore the power of wholesome living, one delicious recipe, eco-conscious product, and family adventure at a time

Over in this corner of the internet, we’re cultivating wellness, adventure, clean-living, and self-improvement. We’re having fun, trying new things, taking changes, and evolving every day.

If you’re on a journey towards a more vibrant, wholesome and fulfilling life I’m glad you’re here!

Our Values

Live well, surround ourselves with beautiful things, nature, explore new places, adventure, rest, relax, and enjoy the little things in life

Eat Well, low sugar, minimally processed, organic foods, earth first, make our food at home, share our food with the people we love

Be Well, take care of our body, spend time with family, surround ourselves with great people, be a source of inspiration and support for others

Get to know Andrea

A creative, designer and digital marketer, Andrea loves to come up with ideas and create new things. She loves a good challenge and always has a few unfinished DIY projects somewhere around the house. Her favorite color is black and she loves painting things black on black – it’s kind of her thing.

If you ask her to make food there is a high chance you are getting tacos. She enjoys visiting new places, exploring outside with the dogs and her family and finding the best tacos wherever she goes.

A serial business starter and a lover of small business, Andrea loves to help individuals pursue their dreams and start brands and small businesses of their own. She has her own brand and web design studio where she offers branding, website design and digital marketing services to individuals and small businesses looking for professional branding, professional websites and digital marketing solutions to promote brands – see her work here.

Andrea loves brands that are eco-conscious, do good for the planet and body, are non-toxic, and ethical in their supply chain and manufacturing. She has a keen eye for quality, obsessing over the little details in things (because the details matter). She has a thing for bags and shoes and loves to find and test out the latest products for quality, function, and style.

Andrea and Indi
Ryan and Indi

Get to know Ryan

A mechanic by trade, Ryan’s skills have no limits. He’s talented with his hands from the garage to the grill.

Ryan loves adventure and the great outdoors while spending time with the people he loves. He enjoys the simple things, like petting a random dog, playing in the dirt to create a beautiful garden and talking about what life was like when the dollar was tied to gold.

Ryan loves fitness and enjoys Crossfit, jiu jitsu and anything that involves moving his body and a little competition. He’d like to live in the remote wilderness, in a log cabin, using the wood he cuts to heat his home and cook is food, but Andrea likes suburban American and bi-annual trips to New York City so his forest-nomad lifestyle lives on in his fantasies.

Ryan loves off-roading, backpacking, and overlanding. He loves all things America and loves brands that align with his “work hard and have fun” mentality.

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