15-Minute Relaxing Self-Care for Softer Skin

Find time for you

I rarely get time for myself between taking care of a toddler and running my businesses 7 days a week.

When I do get time, and can find a sitter, I go to the gym to get in a workout.

It’s not exactly relaxing doing hot pilates or jiu-jitsu but I need the motion and exercise after long hours in front of a computer screen and talking to a toddler all day.

Relaxing does not come naturally to me, but I'm trying

Relaxing is rare for me with my busy life, but I’ve made it a weekly habit to take time for myself to relax. It’s time for me to slow down and be still and I think it would benefit everyone to do this at least once a week.

If relaxing is not something that comes naturally to you, I am right there with you. I like to be busy and productive and the idea of slowing down sounds like a waste of time. But it isn’t. It’s important to slow down, take your mind off of things, reduce stress in your life, and just relax.

This will give you softer skin in 15 minutes

On top of this being a self-care moment for relaxing and slowing down, this is really a good way to hydrate dry skin.

It’s winter and my skin is dryer than normal. Going between the car and the house and running errands, the extreme temperature changes leave my skin dry and cracked at worst.

This is my 15-minute self-care for softer skin. It’s a perfect way to wind down the day and I will try to do this one day a week after my daughter goes down for bed.

You've unlocked your new weekly self-care routine

Grab your favorite candle and your favorite beverage and lock yourself in the bathroom for at least 15-minutes of zero interruptions – you deserve it.

Step 1: Start Your Milk Bath

Start the tub and add your bath milk.

I use Herbivore Coconut Hydrating Milk Bath Soak for super hydrated skin. The coconut scent is simply amazing.

Step 2: Cleanse your face, thoroughly

Cleanse your face with Youth to the People’s Superfood Cleanser. If you have a lot of makeup on, you need to wash your face at least twice, if not three times. Yes, sounds excessive, but you want to make sure all of your makeup comes off. If you aren’t wearing any, then one cleanse will do.

The scent is light and clean and and my face has never felt so refreshed after cleansing as it does when I use this.

Step 3: Apply your face mask

After you’ve thoroughly cleansed your face apply your Oats My Bananas face mask.

This mask is very milky and will make your skin so soft. You should leave this on for 10-15 minutes (the duration of your bath).

Step 4: Find your relaxing soundtrack

This is important. You can put on a podcast that makes you laugh or music that helps you wind down.

Do not take this time to listen to a podcast about business or something that is going to remind you of all the things you should be doing or wish you were doing. Your goal is to relax.

I find that music with no lyrics, like lo-fi chill music and 963Hz music, works best for me. If you’ve never heard of 963Hz…now you have and you are welcome. Have a listen below on Spotify.

Thinking of space calms me...

Listen to 963Hz music right here on Spotify - enjoy.

Step 5: Get in the tub

Your tub should be ready now so get in! Set a timer for 15-minutes at the minimum. If you can chill for longer do it. If not, set your timer for 15 minutes and relax.

Dim the lights, burn a candle, and just relax.


Step 6: Remove your mask and gua sha your face

After 10-15 minutes you should be ready to take off your face mask. Pat any excess moisture into your skin, on your face, neck, shoulders, chest, and hands.

Spend a few minutes gua sha rolling your face to finish things out. The excess moisture from your mask will help your roller glide over your face.

Never used a gua sha roller? Check out this YouTube video that gives you a step by step tutorial on how to use a gua sha roller.

Step 7: apply Egyptian Magic to troubled skin areas

After your milk bath and face mask your skin should feel very soft and hydrated, but you might still have some areas that need a little extra attention.

My hands tend to crack and even split sometimes when it’s really cold. My face also has some areas that tend to need more moisture like around my nose, eyes, and lips.

I use Egyptian Magic to treat those areas to help promote healing, increase moisture and seal that moisture in. The word magic in the name is not a joke, I swear by this stuff for healing cracked skin.

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