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Just some of the books I'm reading (and re-reading)

I want to read more than I have time for. Raising a toddler, trying to keep the house clean, working on my business, and trying to get to the gym at least four days a week makes this task quite difficult.

However, I do make time to read even if it’s just for 5 or 15 minutes a day.

The topics I’m generally drawn to are business, marketing, self-help, mindset, and creativity. I like a good story, and many of these books have them peppered throughout, but I like a book that is set out to teach me something concrete and specific.

I like actionable books that lay out frameworks and blueprints for how I can take the information and apply it to my life. These are those books.

If you are a designer, a business owner, a marketer, a creative, or someone who is just looking to get their head straight you will find a book here for you.

Books on Mindset

Atomic Habits by James Clear

If you need to work on developing and sticking to good habits – this is your book.

The book proves that every choice we make either adds to or takes away from the future we want to have for ourselves. Your efforts are compounding, for better and for worse, so choose better.

Get practical advice for developing habits, sticking to them, and breaking away from bad ones.

Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

The first chapter of this book alone has the power to change your mindset and the course of your life. If you have never heard of Tony Robbins I’m glad to introduce you to his wisdom and teachings through this book.

This book has stood the test of time because it was first printed in 1991 and people to this day still read it and reread it.

Tony has a way of getting people to ask themselves the tough questions they’ve been avoiding and he does it in a way that doesn’t make you feel bad, but makes you feel motivated to want to change your life in positive ways.

Books on Creativity

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

This book is actually also on mindset but I categorize it under creativity because it’s really about sharing creative work and will resonate with creators and creatives most.

This is a short read and a book you can and should read over and over again if you ever feel stuck creatively.

I got this book because I have a hard time showing my work. If you’re reading this blog or you follow me on Instagram you might not realize this about me because here I am, sharing everything. I wasn’t always like this.

I’ll share a personal story to a stranger, but I had (have?) a hard time sharing my creative work. My designs, websites, and artwork are things that feel deeply personal and sharing them with random strangers on the internet makes me anxious. It kind of feels like standing naked in front of a crowd of strangers. But, here I am doing it. This book has helped with that and it helped me get over caring so much about what other people think.

Keep Going by Austin Kleon

The follow-up to Austin Kleon’s “Show Your Work”, this book has rules for disconnecting and finding inspiration for creativity in everyday life.

If you struggle with staying creative, you need this book. Being a creative is not a linear path, it has ups and downs, bobs and weaves, and sometimes that creative spark dims (but never fades). This book will help you find your way back to being your creative self if you feel like you’ve lost your way.

Books on Business


The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

This book is for anyone who feels like the traditional 9-5 lifestyle is not meant for them. Even if you work a 9-5 and are thinking or dreaming of starting your own side hustle or business to supplement some income you should pick up this book. If you feel like you need a ton of money to start your own business, you’re wrong – this book will show you.

It’s full of examples and case studies of real people who changed their lives and the lives of their families by trying something on their own. The options and possibilities are endless and with the right approach and mindset, you could change your life in amazing ways starting with the way you view what “work” is and what it means to you.

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns

This is a good book for any creative person who is looking to start their own business and is having a hard time selling creative solutions and ideas. It will help you understand, logically, how the creative work you do is valuable and how that value should be paid for.

This book outlines 12 steps creative business owners can take to take the high ground in client relationships and learn to win in a creative business.

Books on Marketing

But I'm Not an Expert by Meera Kothand

Another short read packed with lots of good information for anyone looking to market themselves and their business online.

I got this book to help me grapple with imposter syndrome when it came to my freelance branding and website design business.

Meera does a good job at providing information, tools, and blueprints for how to take action, find your niche, build authority, and get started with basic marketing for your personal brand.

One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand

Thinking about blogging? Whether it’s for yourself or your business, blogging is a great way to boost your brand and build authority online, no matter what niche you’re writing content for.

Coming up with blog content can also be a bit of a struggle. Forget about actually sitting down to write it, organize it, format it for the site, and then get a day scheduled where you can take photos or sort through photos you already have that need to be added.

It’s just a lot of work! But I personally love it.

This book helps you figure out what to write about, how to plan, and how to do it all in a way that is going to help get your content in front of people, keep them engaged, and help you drive traffic to your blog.

more books being added soon...

Bookmark this page and come back to find more reading recommendations or leave a comment below and let me know if you read one of these books and what your key takeaways were.

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