Best Breakfast Spots in Southern New Hampshire

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Big fresh bagels, vegan super muffins, old fashioned crepes, "the pig pile", delicious pastries, and smoothies of course

This list is in no particular order, however, we did save the best for last. Ryan and I love breakfast and we love a GOOD breakfast. I’m not talking about the standard scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. We can make that at home. These breakfast places have some of the staples you’d expect on the menu of a breakfast spot, but they also each have their own unique specialities and our personal favorite breakfast items.

Bonus, this list also includes lunch because all of these restaurants and cafes serve lunch. Enjoy.

Riverwalk Cafe Nashua


Riverwalk Cafe

Nashua, NH | get a super muffin, or two

Riverwalk Cafe is a cute, cozy and modern cafe on the corner of Main Street in Nashua, NH. It offers a range of food from treats and pastries, to breakfast sandwiches, salads, wraps, smoothies, coffee, and tea. Riverwalk Cafe makes these delicious vegan super muffins that are like a banana bread muffin with coconut and chia seed – they are so good and they sell out fast so get there early if you want one. During the week the parking lot is metered so bring some spare change with you.

Andrea’s order: Small iced chai tea latte with whole milk and two super muffins (one for now, one for later)

Ryan’s order: Spunky Monkey smoothie and “the feta” breakfast sandwich

Notables: the chorizo breakfast burrito, raspberry bars, wild berry pop-tarts, and literally anything that speaks to you out from the pastry display case and counters

Lunch: Light Affair sandwich

bagel alley bacon egg and cheese


Bagel Alley

Nashua, NH | fresh bagels made daily, cash only $

Bagel Alley is a bagel shop in an alley. Yup. Also located off of Main Street and a short drive from Riverwalk Cafe, Bagel Alley has a reputation for having the best bagels in town. I love their bagels and I also admire their old school way of doing business – cash only. If you forget to bring cash they have an ATM inside and there is also a Citizens bank right next door.

The bagels are big, fresh, and honestly so good you don’t even need a schemer or an egg to eat them – just bite in and enjoy. When I say big I mean there is no hole in the middle of the bagel because you are getting a WHOLE bagel – sans hole. The interior is weirdly charming for how very outdated it is. The walls are wood, the floor is a flat carpet, and you’ll see corny painted bagel cartoons with cheeky sayings around the place – including the bathrooms. The seating area inside is limited with some booth seating and a couple of stools near the door.

Andrea’s order: blueberry OR everything bagel lightly toast with cream cheese

Ryan’s order: bacon, egg, and cheese on an onion bagel toasted

Notables: literally any bagel, they are all good

LunchHam and cheese melt for lunch (ends at 2pm)

Bonhoeffer's Cafe breakfast sandwich and chai latte


Bonhoeffer's Cafe

Nashua, NH | non-profit & direct trade roastery

Bonhoeffer’s Cafe is a non-profit and direct trade roastery located across the street from Riverwalk Cafe on Franklin Street in downtown Nashua. The cafes are about a 2 minute walk apart from each other. Bonhoeffer’s has a parking lot next to the cafe that is shared with the church on the corner and if that’s full there are some on-street parking spots as well. The cafe is closed Sunday and Monday but you can grab a breakfast bite here any other day of the week. People love the crepes and their fun and mouth watering beverage combinations like the German Chocolate Mocha (dark chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, espresso and steamed milk) or the Raspberries and Cream (white chocolate, raspberry, espresso and steamed milk). I’ve yet to have something here that I don’t like.

In the warmer months, there is ample outdoor seating that has views of the Nashua River and Main Street.

Andrea’s order: Bacon, egg, and American cheese on a french roll and an iced chai

Ryan’s order: Old fashioned crepe and a smoothie (whatever he’s in the mood for)

Notables: Strawberry smoothie

Lunch: Chicken caesar wrap, Caprese panini

Pressed Cafe Nashua, NH
Photo credit: Pressed Cafe,


Pressed Cafe

Nashua, NH | quick bites, drive-thru, smoothies

Pressed Cafe has two locations in Nashua: one on Spit Brook Road in South Nashua and a drive-thru only location on Amherst Street in North Nashua. If you’re pressed for time and need to grab something good and quick, Pressed has you covered. They open early and close late, but no matter when you get there you are bound to find something on the menu – it’s large. We love getting smoothies here and any breakfast sandwich or burrito is going to be delicious. They sell fresh pressed juices and even though I don’t drink coffee anymore, when I did, I would exclusively get my coffee beans from here because their coffee is that good (the coffee brand is George Howell for anyone wondering). Pressed offers a ton of vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options for people with food sensitivities.

Andrea’s order: Peanut butter power smoothie with whole milk and a bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant

Ryan’s order: Peanut butter power smoothie with whole milk add whey protein and the LA steak and egg sandwich

Notables: overnight oats, chocolate truffle balls, “meatlover” burrito, and the “egg, cheese, bacon, potato” burrito (no potato)

Lunch: Jerusalem messe plate substitute vegan kebob for grilled salmon, asian mandarin miri salad bowl, classic mac and cheese with a fried egg (I know, but just try it)

Riverwalk Cafe Breakfast in Milford, NH


Riverhouse Cafe

Milford, NH | our favorite spot, everything is good

This spot always has a wait, unless you get there close to open, but it’s worth it. Located in the Milford Oval, Riverhouse Cafe is known for serving amazing breakfast. They use farm fresh eggs, real maple syrup, and serve the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Every time we’ve had breakfast here it’s better than I remember it. The way the signature breakfasts are plated is beautiful and the flavors and pairings are so delicious. If you are like me, I don’t always have a big stomach for breakfast and I occasionally want something a little lighter. Riverwalk offers 1/2 and full portions of their signature breakfast plates so you can choose how much food you want. Parking is limited to a few spots to the side of the building and the rest will be on the street and in the oval. Downtown Milford is really cute too and you’ll find a few antique and boutique shops you can browse through while you wait for your table.

Andrea’s order: Compost Heap with eggs scrambled

Ryan’s order: Pig pile or smokestack with eggs over easy and a cup of milk

Notables: Buttermilk blueberry pancakes, giant french toast (to share)

Lunch: We honestly have never had lunch here but because I’ve written this blog post, I am going to have to make plans to do that now. I will update this when we’ve had something!

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