Ergobaby Metro+ Compact Travel Stroller: Honest Review

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Ergobaby Metro+ Stroller: Is This The Best Travel Friendly Compact Stroller?

I recently purchased the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller ahead of our trip to Miami Beach. After a few weeks of use running errands, strolling at the park, and even taking it to the gym, I’m impressed. After using it at the airport, on the plane, and in Miami Beach, I’m even more impressed.

My 5 non-negotiable must-have features were:


Save space without sacrificing baby comfort and parent ease of use and transport.

I knew when I was getting a compact stroller that it wouldn’t have all the bells and whistles of a larger “grow with your family” style stroller, but I’m very pleased with the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller so far.

This stroller has very quickly become my go-to stroller for most trips with the exception of anything that involves dirt and rocky paths. It’s compact, it’s sturdy, it’s easy to fold, easy to open, easy to stow in any size car or on an airplane, has plenty of storage, the full recline and the foot rest make the ride comfy for your baby, and it’s so easy to maneuver through tight spaces.

I highly recommend this stroller to any families who travel or for those that need a compact stroller to save space in their vehicle.


Compact Size

At just 21.25 inches by 9 inches (or 54cm by 25cm) the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller is one of the most compact strollers on the market. This was the number one feature I was after when looking for a compact stroller. I specifically wanted a compact stroller to take on vacations and to run errands with, and I am so impressed with how this stroller stows in the car, on a plane, and in the closet.

I purchased a carrying bag for this stroller for $30 that fits the stroller nicely and can be worn as a backpack (as of this posting, you can get the stroller bag for FREE with your purchase of the stroller on the Ergobaby website). I have a stroller organizer I keep attached to the handle and the bag effortlessly holds the stroller along with my stroller organizer attached and anything else I have inside of it.

On our recent family trip to Miami Beach (you can read about that here) I was able to put this stroller in the overhead of the plane. I was even able to open it up and push it down the aisle of the plane when exiting with all of our luggage.

ErgoBaby Metro+ on the beach

On a family trip to Miami Beachwe used the stroller to carry all of our beach stuff as we strolled down the boardwalk. Once we got to the beach, I could easily fold the stroller up, put it in the carrying bag, wear it on my back, and put it in the sand next to our stuff without getting sand all over it. It was perfect.



This stroller does not tip over easily, feels sturdy even on bump roads, and will not blow over in the wind. I read lots of reviews about other travel strollers saying that some tip over very easily which is not ok. I have tested this stroller out on all sorts of roads, paths, and surfaces, and I am really impressed with how it holds up. I will say, pushing this on gravel, rocks, or very loose and bumpy paths is not what this is designed for and it is rough. If you are pushing this around the grocery store, the airport, a parking lot, the mall, a paved path, or even a relatively smooth dirt path it will perform.



Comfort for the baby

On smooth surfaces this stroller is great. The seat is padded and reclines almost all the way flat so your baby can sleep! I also found that when our daughter was not in the stroller, and my husband was carrying her, I could recline the seat all the way and store whatever backpacks, towels, water bottles, and shopping bags we had and it made towing our stuff around so much easier. The foot rest is also adjustable and has a secret “wall” that you can pull out to create a bassinet situation when the seat is fully reclined. There is a mesh that allows air to vent to the baby while they are in the stroller and it can be closed up with a drop-down/roll-up velcro fabric if it’s colder.

The Foot Rest

I was considering the Babyzen yoyo2, but it did not have a full recline or a footrest (you could buy a foot rest as an add-on but it was still small and seemed kind of useless). I saw lots of other moms in the airport with the yoyo2 and their babies had their feet just dangling while my daughter had her feet up just chilling out. Imagine you’re tired and want to sit in a chair: do you pick the dining table style chair that lets your legs dangle over the edge at 90 degrees or do you pick the recliner with the foot rest that allows you to kick your feet up and relax…you pick the recliner every time. The Ergobaby Metro+ stroller is the way to go.

The Sunshade

Along the lines of comfort, the sun shade does a good job at blocking out light from your child’s eyes. You can choose from a variety of color options and all of them offer UV50 coverage. If you were to fully open up the shade I found that there is one extra setting you have to pull the shade down in order for it to provide coverage beyond 90 degrees. That extra tug on the shade was all the difference in protecting my daughters face from the blaring Miami sun.

I considered the yoyo2, again, but was disappointed with the sun shade coverage as it seemed completely lacking given the high placement of the shade and its short extension over the seat. The sun shade makes a not so quiet clicking sound when you pull it down or put it back up. Some people complained about this but I do not see a problem with it. I do have a Babyjogger and a Nuna stroller and both shades on those are silent, but again, the benefits of this stroller outweigh this possibly annoying feature to some.

Comfort for the Parent

For the parent, the handle grip is nice and it’s adjustable for different heights. The stroller pushes smooth on smooth surfaces and is bumpy on bumpy surfaces. Not a deal breaker for me personally.

This stroller is designed to be compact and should not be used to go off roading with your child in it. As I mentioned, smooth surfaces are best and you can even get away with pushing this on a semi-bumpy dirt path in the woods which is often where I like to stroller (but I personally would bring my BabyJogger for those trips).

If you are traveling by plane this is the stroller to buy. It can fit in the overhead, folds up easily, unfolds fairly easily (with practice), and can even be pushed up the aisle of the plane. Yes, you can check your giant stroller in at the gate for free, but having the ability to have the stroller ready to get off the plane has been a gamer changer for me. Not to mention your stroller is where you can see it and get to it and is not going to get thrown around in the bottom of the plane and possible get beat up and damaged.



Lots of places to store things

This stroller is not marketed to have lots of room but I can fit a surprising amount of things in the basket under the seat and if your baby is not in the stroller it can fit a lot of stuff in the seat. I was able to carrying two giant backpacks along with food, tons of water bottles, and shopping bags in the stroller when it was fully reclined when while my husband was carrying our daughter on the  Tushbaby. Not to mention, you can clip your stroller organizer to the handle and carry even more stuff and this thing is not going to tip over. There is also a pretty big mesh pocket on the back side of the stroller. I put the carrying bag in here but you could fit a light jacket, some shoes, and maybe even a drink in there.

Under the stroller storage basket: a minor caution

If you like to cram things under the stroller, you have to be mindful of the break here. The break is a simple wire style latch that hooks into a spoked cog on the back side of the rear wheels. It’s a very simple design and it can very easily be locked by a heavy object leaning on it. I am able to fit my daughters Retrospec Baby Balance and Walking Bike under this stroller along with snacks, drinks, and a bag with diapers and wipes.

Storage Accessories

I can also use my universal stroller cup holder on this which is fantastic. It will need to be removed when you fold up the stroller but if you are using the carrying bag you can put it in there with the stroller for later.

I also use the Beis stroller organizer and leave it attached to this stroller and it can still fold up and not get in the way. On my other strollers, I have to remove the stroller organizer, or they won’t close.


Small Footprint

This stroller is so nimble. If I wanted to push my Nuna stroller around the house I would likely get caught on a chair, a doorway, or literally anything. Navigating tight spaces with a full size stroller is a challenge, but not with the Ergobaby Metro+. I was able to swiftly move this stroller without hitting anything on the airplane, through the airport, and even in our small hotel room.

Other things to note: Terrain Capability

Terrain capability was also something of interest to me when looking for a compact travel stroller. On Ergobaby’s website they market this stroller being pushed on a cobblestone road and now having pushed it over rocks and bumps in the woods I can confirm that it is not great on uneven surfaces. It’s not at risk of tipping, it’s just not going to be a smooth ride for the baby. 

On bumpy roads, the ride for baby is bumpy. My full size Nuna stroller and my BabyJogger Summit x3 do a really great job at cushioning bumps on our woodland strolls, but this stroller just does not hold a candle to either of those and I think that’s fine because this stroller is meant for travel not all terrain trips. These are not even in the same league or category of strollers, but I just wanted to compare because it’s a feature up for consideration by many parents looking for a compact travel stroller like myself.

That being said, if you live in a city and use this to run errands and stroll any place that is flat, it will be great. It would’ve been perfect if it could handle a bumpy dirt road, and technically, it can, but really it can’t if our kid is being jostled around during a stroll over rocks and big bumps.

After testing this stroller and being a little disappointed in its struggles to navigate bumps and rocks, I knew I would use this in airports, cities, and mostly flat places so even though it’s pretty bad on bumpy roads it’s still kind of perfect.

I will say, if you like to stroll your baby to sleep, you will likely stroll your baby out of sleep if you take this on bumpy roads. Stick to flat roads and surfaces and you will be pleasantly surprised with what you get out of the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller.

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